Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ODBD ~ Those Who Are Peacemakers ~

Good morning!  I hope you are having a wonderful week!  Things are a bit "drippy" here in Kentucky.  But I know the mums and other assorted flowers are loving it!  The down side...  the autumn foliage may just hit the ground early this year!  And there is nothing more depressing than seeing bare trees this time of year!  I sure would like to see a bit of autumn color before that happens! 
I'm popping in to share a card using a few items from Our Daily Bread Designs' 
September release.  It's hard to believe that October will be here TOMORROW!  YIKES!!!  But that means I get to share a fun new release with you!  So be sure to come back tomorrow to check it out!  And the BLOG HOP!!!!!
I wanted to take a moment to share a real life moment from earlier this week.  It appears the Lord has laid this incident on my heart and I want to share it with you.  I hope it gives you pause to reflect.  Check after today's card for my thought for the day...

But first, I will start with my card featuring ODBD's Pretty Posies Die and Plant a Garden stamp set. 

  And here's a close up of those fun blossoms...  I must admit...  I have spent entirely too much time lately getting inky with this new die set...  all of the flower were created with white card stock...  I inked each center with a soft butter color distress ink and the edges with a water color distress ink.  I spritzed each blossom lightly with water before manipulating to give them a bit of depth... 

and the new items  you see today...

and some old favorites....
I used this one to emboss my card stock...

This one framed my sentiment...  along with a bit of softly sponged summer sky ink...

I used the tiny sun die to create the base for my flower "blossoms..."

Check out our sister company North Coast Creations
for other fun products for your projects including this die...

And of course some fun "dragonfly" DP....

So here is my thought for the day...

My husband and I recently went out to dinner.  We went to a pizza place we love.  While our server was waiting on us, another young man came by to take the adjoining tables' order.  Apparently they knew one another...  He asked what they would like to have and one of the customers made the remark that "you must really get some mean people in here..."  Not sure where that came from but... 

At this point, I was intrigued and though I know it isn't polite to eavesdrop...  I wanted to see where this went....  particularly since I deal with customer service for a living.... It didn't take long for me to see where it was going. 

"You can't believe how difficult people can be.  And do you know the worst day of the week?"  He asked.  "No, which one?" I heard the adjoining table say.  The server plowed right on.  "Sunday!  Yep, people are at their worst on Sunday."  Now the customer wades in.  "Yep, all those CHRISTIANS, right out of church....  They are the worst, I bet." 

Thud, my heart dropped.  Our witness, my witness as one of "those" Christians was being undermined by those who won't practice what they preach. 
So friends, my question to you today...

If someone who isn't a Christian were watching you...  would they want to be like you???  Would they see Christ in how you treat others???


Monday, September 28, 2015

ODBD ~ Live in the Sunshine ~

Good Monday morning!  I am so excited to share another fun card today featuring items from Our Daily Bread Designs' September release.  This time I used the new stamp set, Under the Sea
along with the Pretty Posies Die.

I started with a white card stock base and added a bit of sea blue card stock matting.  I chose a lovely dragonfly DP design from ODBD's Blooming Garden Paper Collection for my focal layer.  I stamped the image (Under the Sea) with light gray ink and stamped my sentiment on top with a black ink.  I used ODBD's Stitched Ovals Die to cut the image and lightly colored it with a soft blue ink before removing from the die.  ODBD's Ovals Die helped create the coordinating mat layer.  I used the new Pretty Posies Die to create my layered blossom, taking care to ink the middle with a soft butter distress ink and the edges with a blue glass distress ink.  I spritzed each layer with water before manipulating the blossoms to add depth.  After layering and gluing together, I added pearl centers with a crystal glaze glue. 
Here's some of the items you see...



Thanks so much for stopping by!  Don't forget to join me this week as I take another look back at ODBD's mid month release PLUS the new October items from ODBD...  Thursday is release day!  Woot, woot!  Have a great day!

Friday, September 25, 2015

A Look Back at ODBD's September Mid Month Release

Today we are taking a look back at Our Daily Bread Designs' September Mid Month Release. Here is the card I created using the Beauty stamp set, Pretty Posies Die and Leafy Edged Borders Die.  For more inspiration using the September Mid Month Release be sure to visit the ODBD Blog.

 I started with an ecru card stock base measuring 5.5 x 4.25 inches and added a lovely design paper pattern from ODBD's Soulful Stitches Paper Collection.  I used the new Leafy Edged Borders Die to create my DP, ecru CS and gold poster board layers.  I cut out multiple flower layers from ecru card stock and inked the centers with a soft yellow distress ink and the edges with a light pink ink.  After inking, I spritzed the flowers lightly with water and pinched each petal between my fingertips for depth.  After drying, I glued layers together, staggering each to overlap and finished the flower with a cluster of pearls glued in the center.  I cut my leaves out of ecru card stock also and inked it up with light green ink.  I used a bit of wire (yes, wire) to thread my lace on and twisted the ends together to make the lace collar.  I added the flower and leaves to the lace with hot glue.  **Creative tip**  I used ODBD's Circle Ornaments Die to cut a circular base to mount the lace collar and flower on.  After it dried, I added the entire embellishment to my card.    I stamped my sentiment on a bit of ecru paper and finished it up with ODBD's Pennants Die.

So here's a close up of the blossom...

And the new items from September's mid month release...

 and a few older favorites too...

Don't forget to visit my design team sisters today and see what project they have to share.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

ODBD ~ The Road to My Heart

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  And thank you to each and every one of you who took a few moments out of your busy day to read and comment on my post about Dakota.  Your kind words were sincerely appreciated.  In the spirit of our favorite canine companions, I have a card today featuring ODBD's recent releases, You are PawsomePuppy DieCats & Dogs Die along with the mid month Leafy Edged Borders Die

I started with a red card stock base and added a white matting.  The DP you see is from ODBD's Patriotic Paper Collection.  I tucked in a fun border from the Leafy Edged Borders Die and a tiny gold poster board paw created with the new Cats & Dogs Die.  So here are the new items you see today...

and some old favorites too...

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to come back Friday as I share a special look back at this mid month release!  I hope you love it!


Monday, September 21, 2015

ODBD ~ Dakota's Card ~

Welcome!  Today's post will be long and deeply personal.  SO, if you are here to see my card for the day please feel free to scroll down and take a peek.  I always try to be cognizant of my reader's time.  I know you have more important things to do than listen to me ramble on...  But, today, I need to write this post probably more than you need to read it.  It has been my experience, that when something happens, sharing it allows you to heal.  Now before anyone gets alarmed...  NOTHING has happened to me, my immediate family, job, etc...  But something did happen on Wednesday September 16th, that changed my heart forever.  

Let me begin with a story...  about a beautiful little ball of fluff...  

Yep, that's her!  John really wanted a BIG dog.  In my mind, this meant a Lab, Golden Retriever, Poodle...  (What did I know about dogs???)  I grew up on a farm and had dogs but honestly, I was a cat person (#crazycatlady)...  Dogs weren't my thing!
And then, hubs springs this on me...  "let's buy a St. Bernard!"  Really???  Did a box fall on your head while cleaning the garage?  A lady who hasn't had a dog in a home with her since childhood...  and it was a Terrier (SMALL DOG)....  WHAT?????  And for a few days there was talk of divorce...  OK...  it wasn't that bad...  but I WAS NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!
So after a great deal of research, hubs found a breeder in Fargo, North Dakota and off we went.  We took a week and toured the country (buttering me up, maybe???)...  Glacier National Park, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone... the Badlands..  On our way back we stopped in Fargo to pick up our new little, BIG dog.  We arrive at a cute duplex where the young lady was waiting to greet us.  She introduced us to the Mama dog and then took us to the garage to see the most amazing gaggle of pups I've ever seen!  (And yes, I know that a gaggle is geese...  but this is my story...)  So John and I are filling out the paperwork, and we hear this indignant, consistent, down right annoyed bark.  John looks at the owner and says something like "someone is really unhappy."  And the breeder looks at us dead serious and says "UH, that one is going home with you."  At that moment, I seriously contemplated dropping a box on my husband's head!  lol
So at 6 weeks of age, this little ball of noisy fluff started the voyage from North Dakota home to Kentucky.  And it was an incredible trip home.  She loved her collar and leash...  she was the highlight of every rest stop for 6 states...  she was the life of the party!  And once she arrived at Casa del Ulrich...  life got even more interesting. 

On day two of Dakota's Most Excellent Adventure in Kentucky, she barked for John to take her out.  He dutifully grabbed her leash and took her out.  Because when Dakota and E.F. Hutton talked...  everyone listened!  But "going" quickly became secondary!  For within moments she spotted the very large BULL in the adjoining field.  And naturally, he was standing RIGHT by the fence.  And that was ENTIRELY too close for Miss Dakota's liking.  So there is one thing this country girls knows...  DO NOT MESS WITH A BULL!!!  Dakota sees MR. big, bad bull and promptly throws her little head back and starts barking with the most ferocious bark that a 6 week old St. Bernard can muster.  CAN YOU SAY CRAZY???  A 6 week old pup is NO match for a BULL.  He could have squashed her with one hoof.  But SOMEBODY did not give Dakota the memo...  and that bull snorted, pawed and AMAZINGLY turned his head and walked away.  I'm pretty sure, Dakota thought he made a wise move!  Shortly thereafter, John was completing her registration papers and couldn't quite think of a name.  And the BULL story came back up...  so little MISS became Ulrich's Dakota Lionheart.  Because that girl had no fear and obviously that bull didn't know who he messed with!  lol

So let's take a moment and I will share my card for today's post...

So when I received the stamp sets this month from Our Daily Bread Designs' I never realized how deeply personal they would become!  I created this card with the Never Forgotten stamp set, new Leafy Edged Borders Die and Pretty Posies Die.  I also pulled in a couple of older dies including Fancy Foliage, Stitched Ovals Die and Ovals Die.

I made this card the 2nd week of September.  And it languished on my desk for several days.  I played with paper, ink, card stock, flowers and tinkered with the design.  And for some reason it maintained residence on my desk for longer than most.  I didn't post it...  I felt like I needed to save it...

On Saturday, September 12th, we had a rain shower.  After that shower the most amazing rainbow I have ever seen in the 12 years we have lived in our home appeared.  It was vibrant and HUGE.  It looked like it stretched from one end of the horizon to the other!  A few moments later, I returned to our porch to take another peek and found not one, but TWO rainbows!  It was beautiful!  Can you say #HERESYOURSIGN?
The next morning, we let our dogs out for their morning run and breakfast.  Dakota was moving slower than the others.  She had been a bit slower of late but it didn't cause any alarm.  10 is elderly for a Saint and joint issues are normal.  She went to her favorite spot in the yard and watched the sun come up.  I ventured in the house to get my camera but by the time I returned she had moved on.  She drank water but was sick to her stomach.  She wouldn't eat and seemed a bit aloof.  We consulted with a vet who asked us a few questions.  We examined her and gave the information.  It was decided that Dakota more than likely had cancer and we needed to make her comfortable.  She hated going to the vet, and it made her nervous...  so much so that we had the vet come to our home for vaccinations...  and even then she was a wreck.

So... we made her comfortable and we waited.  When she went out she would lay down where she could see the other dogs and us.  We spent time with her big head in our laps, while we sang songs from her puppy hood and rubbed her ears.  We cried...  oh, how we cried...  but not once did she cry...  She was the strong one for sure...  The night she crossed, John heard that strong distinctive bark.  And he went to check on her.  He said it sounded just like the old Dakota.  When she saw him, she immediately settled back down.  He said he knew as soon as he saw her it was time.  Amazing thing... she gathered her loved ones around her with that amazing bark to let us know she was going.  She was the strong one, the one in charge...  even in the end.

So when I say she changed my heart forever...  let me explain.  John and I were so impressed with her breed that we decided to do even more research...  which led to the two of us getting into the business.  We rapidly found there were few people who specialized in "old fashioned" Saint Bernards.  Many breeders specialized in show dogs and although they are wonderful, most people want the type of dog that isn't necessarily breed standard (less slobbers...)  So we traveled all across the United States to bring the best companion dogs we could to our home.  Illinois (twice), Georgia and Kansas...  And as of today we have had 7 beautiful Saints cross our threshold.  And somewhere along the way, the #CRAZYCATLADY became a #CRAZYDOGLADY!  These gentle giants stole my heart and...  you can just call me a #CRAZYSAINTLADY!  And it all started with one little fluff with a very ferocious bark.  That mighty bark opened up my heart to a world of possibilities.  Dakota blessed me more than I could have ever blessed her.

 I found myself wondering those final days if God was just too busy to worry about Dakota.  After all, with the mess the world is in...  I thought His hands would be too full to worry about my precious Saint. I found this scripture a few days before her passing.    

"Are not two sparrows sold for two cents?  Yet not one of them is forgotten before God."
Luke 12:6 HCSB   

We buried her in our yard, very close to her favorite spot.  After her passing, I stopped by my craft room and remembered the card.  And upon close examination...  I knew exactly why this was really Dakota's card...  the polka dotted paper...  for those darling black freckles...  and the sentiment...  comfort for me...  it was like a strong bark from her...  telling me everything will be OK because heaven needed a fierce Saint to help guard the gates.  

My dear Dakota, oh, how you will be missed...
and NEVER forgotten...

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Look Back at Our Daily Bread Designs' September Release

Today, we are taking a look back at Our Daily Bread Designs' September Release.  I chose to create a project featuring the Under the Sea  stamp set along with the new Leafy Edged Borders Die.  For more inspiration using the September Release be sure to visit the ODBD Blog.

I opted to do a center step card with a cadet gray base.  I stamped my image on Neenah Solar Crest and colored the image with Copics.  I sponged in various shades of yellow and orange inks to create the sky before stamping my sentiment.  I used 2 nested dies from ODBD's Matting Circles Die set to create the gray frame and placed it along with the die cut image on the center panel with dimensional foam.  I also incorporated a lovely fish DP that you may find in ODBD's Christian Faith paper Collection.   
I chose a rich navy blue and white card stock to create my waves.  I used the new Leafy Edged Borders Die to achieve the look and layered them together.  

So here are the new items you see today...

and some older products...

Don't forget to stop and peruse the projects my designs team sisters have come up with!  They promise to be a treat for the eyes!  
OBDD Blog - If you get lost along the way...
and the "Bread Sticks"
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Additional Supplies 

Paper - Bazzill, Neenah Solar Crest, Georgia Pacific, Our Daily Bread Designs' Christian Faith Paper Collection
Ink - Memento Tuxedo Black, Dandelion, Cantaloupe, Angel Pink, Tangelo
Copics - C0, C3, C5, C7, B23, B24, B26
Gelly Roll Ink Pen - White

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WAW201 ~ Chronicles 16:11 ~ Seek the Lord and His Strength

It is officially the middle of another week!  And you know what Wednesday means...  it's time for another great challenge at Word Art Wednesday!
Be sure to check out the Word Art Wednesday site for all of the details including this week's digital scripture, how to link your creation AND info on some fabulous prizes! 
We appreciate our sponsors so very much!  Please take a few moments to thank those who generously provided our prizes this week!

A very special thank you to Simon Says Stamp who graciously provided me some goodies to play with this month!  They are having a huge celebration this month.  Be sure to check out their BLOG to check it out!  As part of this great event also known as #STAMPtember, I have been given a few products to share with you on today's card...  

I started out with an A2 Side Folding Card provided by Simon Says Stamp and added a layer of diagonal print designer paper.  I wanted my snowflake die to pop so I chose a complementary DP that was a bit less "busy" and cut it to fit nicely under the die.  The die (also from Simon Says stamp) is super dainty and looks great over this pattern.  I can't wait to pair a couple of these dies together over an entire card panel to see what it looks like!  I added a feel different size pearls to the panel (lifted up with dimensional foam) and printed today's scripture on white card stock.  I trimmed it to the desired size and used a simple corner rounder to dress up opposite edges!  I really love the bold look of these gem!  

Thanks so much for stopping by!  And don't forget to check out #STAMPtember this month at Simon Says Stamp!  They have some wonderful new products to share!  

And please join in with us this week at Word Art Wednesday's challenge where the designs are always family friendly!  Thanks for stopping by!



Paper - Card Base - A2 Side Folding Cards by Simon Says Stamp, DP by DCWV Winter Basics Stack, White CS by Georgia Pacific
Die - Snowflake Block by Simon Says Stamp
Pearls - Recollections

Monday, September 14, 2015

Surprise!!! A Mid Month Release at Our Daily Bread Designs!

Good morning!  Welcome to a special mid-month release blog hop at Our Daily Bread Designs!  This month Our Daily Bread Designs has some many new products, they couldn't stop with one release!  So today, I get to show you some new STAMPS and DIES just for this special mid month release!  And they are AMAZING!!!!  But ODBD stuff is always amazing!!!!

It's almost like getting dessert twice with you meal and not gaining a pound!!!  **if only that happened in real life**  And if a second release of amazing products isn't enough...  we are having ANOTHER blog hop this month, with DRUM ROLL PLEASE****  A CHANCE TO WIN A $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO THE ODBD STORE!!!!  Woot, Woot!!!!  Be sure to check out all the deets on this special blog hop and how you may qualify to win at the end of this post...  

So let's go straight to card number #1 
featuring the new Beauty   
stamp set AND the new Leafy Edged Borders Die...

I started with a rich raspberry card stock base (4.5 x 5 inches) and added a white card stock mat.  I used the new Leafy Edged Borders Die  to cut my white lace layer, silver poster board layer and designer paper over lay.  I stamped my image with Memento Ink on Copic compatible paper and colored it to resemble a stargazer lily.  I fussy cut the image after completing it and nestled it on top of a white die cut panel (created with the Stitched Ovals
die) along with greenery from the Fancy Foliage Die.  I stamped my sentiment with a rich raspberry
ink on white card stock and hand cut the panel to create a banner.  I tucked a pearl spray along with a few random pearls on the edge.  

And now for my second card using Plant a Garden...

Here, I started with a brown card stock base also measuring 5.5 x 4.25 inches.  I then chose a plank like designer paper from Our Daily Bread Designs' Rustic Beauty Paper Collection. 
I elected to cut strips of the paper and adhere it to my base as if it were a true fence...  going so far as to add a z shaped brace with dimensional foam on top.  I stamped the image on Copic compatible paper (Plant a Garden) and colored it with Copics.  I lightly sponged on Memento's Olive Grove ink on the bottom and Summer Sky on top to mimic the sky.  I created the flower spray with the new Pretty Posies Die. 
I cut flower layers and leaves with white card stock and colored each with distress ink.  I spritzed them lightly with water and shaped them with a stylus and mouse pad.  I used an older die Sunburst Background Die,
to created the base for the flower "buds" you see...   

So here are the new items you see for this special mid month release...


and some of the older items you see today...

Now that you have visions of dies and stamps dancing in your head...  here is all the information on today's blog hop!

***Three randomly selected winners will each receive a $25 gift certificate to the ODBD Store, to be used toward the purchase of ODBD Stamps found in the "stamps column" of the website just for commenting on the Design Team cards!  You have until September 15, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. EDT to leave your comments on the Designers Blogs for a chance to win!  The Winners will be posted on the ODBD Blog on September 16th, so be sure to check back there to see if you won!***

ODBD Blog  ***  If  you get lost along the way!  

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Thanks for stopping by today!  Blessings!
Card #1
Memento - Tuxedo Black, Rose Bud
Copics - G40, G24, G94. R22, R27, 0, E09
Card #2 
Memento - Tuxedo Black, Summer Sky, Olive Grove, Espresso Truffle (sentiment)
Copics - E30, E34, E35, YR12, YR18, G40, G46, 
Y11, Y13, V12, V17, YG17, YG25, R24, R27
Flowers - Ranger Distress Ink - Scattered Straw (centers), 
Dusty Concord (blossom), Peeled Paint (leaves and stamen)

Surprise!!! It's Best Bunny!

There is something about Granny Apple Green that just brings a smile to my face!  When the first signs of Spring appear you are sure to see...