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Snow Friends

Picture this... somewhere in Kentucky under several inches of snow... it is cold and windy... perfect St. Bernard weather... or so we think! LOL... My big guys are not happy with this sudden blast of winter. Normally they play and frolic in it but this time they tap dance lightly on it... conduct business and get back in... QUICKLY.... I suspect they know something we don't... (this will be one LONG winter) and want to avoid the reality at all costs!

This image from Stampendous made me chuckle when I pulled it out. It kinda reminds me of my fluffs all trying frantically to avoid touching the "cold" stuff... Somehow I just can't imagine Big Ike carrying the 3 girls on his back, though...

I'm so glad that there is someone there to pick me up when I'm down. My hubby does a fine job and when all else fails my dogs always bring a smile to my face. Here's hoping your week is full of sunshine and smiles! (and hopefully little snow...)


Card Recipe

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The journey... and a sympathy card

Sympathy cards are something I rarely do. I started this blog roughly two years ago to showcase some of my work. My card making has changed (for better or worse) over the last several years. I started out scrapbooking almost 9 years ago but changed to card making after a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. Kathy battled breast cancer roughly 8 years ago. She had just passed the coveted 5 year point. Not long after, she found out her cancer had returned. This time the prognosis was anything but good. Her doctors gave her a year at best. I decided to try my hand at card making. And for close to 2 years I mailed a card nearly every week. That is until the last few weeks.... life slipped up on me and before I knew it 4 weeks had passed without sending a card.... and then Wednesday I was given the news.... Kathy had passed on....

Kathy was a devoted Christian and not a day went by that she didn't share her testimony. The love of Christ beamed in her eyes even as the rest of h…

Warm Winter Wishes

I'm trying to clean out my scraps. You know... that huge pile of paper left from other projects. I hate throwing anything away and it seems I have little time these days to use my scraps in my scrapbook. So if see a familiar color scheme and designer paper today... that was my intention. My thoughts are turning to snow. We received our first major snowfall of the season this week. To some of you 6 inches is no big deal but for us... let's just say I am very glad to have a 4 wheel drive or I wouldn't have made it out of my lane.... lol Snowy days are the perfect times to bake, craft and just snuggle up on the couch and watch a good movie. I may even be looking forward to a few more snows this year... (Did I really say that?) Just not TOO many! Have a blessed day! Card Recipe 5 x 7 Card Stock - Brown, Red - Bazzill, Ivory - Gina K. Designs Designer Paper - My Mind's Eye - Holly Jolly - Winter Branches Paper Punch - Branch and Snowflake - Martha Stewart Die Cuts - Nestabilitie…

So Very Grateful

And I am very grateful for all of the blessing the good Lord has bestowed on me this year. I have my health and my family.... what more could I need? What a blessing to know that he gives us all good things in time. Sometimes that means we have to wait and recognize that we receive blessings on his time schedule and not ours.

For those of you who read my posts regularly... you know how frugal I am. I love card making but hate to pay full price for anything and particularly my supplies! A week back when hubby and I were traveling I took a couple of opportunities to check out a couple of large craft stores in those cities. Well I had to take a look at the dollar bins and the sale racks... and what did I find? I found a wonderful image (marked down to $3.00)! Woo hoo! Well, I feel in love.... hard... and knew I could put this beautiful little bird to good use! And here it is with a lovely sentiment I cabbaged from another set! Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

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Friends Warm the Heart

And boy can I use some warming right now? The weather is frigid here (4 degrees this morning) and we are expecting a major snowstorm tonight. I am home nursing a terrible respiratory infection but will have to be on the road in the morning no matter what. In my line of work, bad weather means all hands on deck! So with the looming snow what better subject to color than a snowman? And I have to say, he is one handsome dude! lol I recently purchased this stamp from the Flourishes website. I was a little "afraid" of coloring snow but after a little experimentation got the hang of it. Let me know if a photo tutorial would be of use! If you like the looks of my snow dude I can share the secret! lol... Have a wonderful and warm day! And stay safe out there!



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5 x 7 finished size

Card Stock - White - Georgia Pacific
Designer Paper - Bo Bunny Tis the Season Snow Flakes (reversible)
Stamp - Image & Sentiment - Flourishes - Warm Winter Wishes
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Ink - Ima…

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa -

Forgive me for not posting since Thanksgiving... I found myself overcome by turkey, dressing and rolls... Then my hubby surprised me with a trip to Colonial Williamsburg (I posted a pic of the Governor's Palace above... cool huh?). Santa, he (my dear hubby) has been VERY good this year! So please bring him something nice. Would you believe I came home and caught a nasty respiratory bug.... YUCK! So Santa, please forgive me for slacking on my duties... and if you bring me a big lump of coal I will understand!


Forgive me for the long post but there is a project posted below. I thought you might enjoy some photos of my trip!

Some of the beautiful decorations at Colonial Williamsburg... Who would have thought hedge apples could look so good?

Day 2 we traveled to Jamestown. I visited there in 2002. In 2004, archaeologists discovered the actual fort and the Park Service has made some wonderful investments in this historic site. If you get the chance please check it out! T…