Thursday, December 7, 2017

Seeing Jesus in the Rear View Mirror

My day had been a particularly tough one, physically and emotionally.  I spent most of my day in the car traveling from one work project to another.  And there were countless other things spinning in my head.  You've been there too...  changed plans, rescheduled meetings, regrets for a missed event... and burdens...  oh, how many burdens.  It had become a heavy load.  And so, as I found myself sitting at a stoplight somewhere near the end of the day, I casually looked in my rear view mirror and saw an unexpected sight.  There sitting in an older model car immediately behind me and sporting an Under Armour zip up jacket was Jesus.  Or should I say, a young man who was a dead ringer for all of the paintings of Jesus I have seen.  He had long flowing locks, slim build, beard and gentle features.    Now before someone gets excited and thinks I have lost my mind or have uttered something sacrilegious let me just say...  I needed to see Jesus.  And on that particular afternoon, after a 24 hour period of disappointments and defeat, oh, how I needed Him!  And so what did I do?  I bawled like a baby for that minute and several others after.  And yes, I know that wasn't really Jesus.  But for a few brief moments, I was reminded he is with me always.  Isn't it nice to know he is always with us when we need him?  If you look carefully, you might just see him in the most unexpected places!  


Today's project is a luminary featuring Our Daily Bread Designs' new White as Snow Stamp Die Duo, Card Caddy & Gift Bag Die for the luminary itself, Gift Bag Handles & Topper Die for the striped edging.

and a few old favorites as well...

Have a wonderful day!

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