Monday, December 9, 2013

A Peek at My Christmas Decor ~ It Takes a Village ~

Good morning!  So glad you stopped by!  Hope you have a warm cuppa Joe in hand on this wintry December morning!  I have given up caffeine (and boy am I grumpy...) so I will grab a bottle of water instead! 
Today, I am giving you a peek at some of the Christmas decorations in my home.  The last few years have been challenging with physical ailments and the like which would not allow me to decorate the way I love to!  Christmas is my favorite time of year and I am one of those crazy ladies who would have a Christmas tree in EVERY room!  ;-) 
I love the look of Christmas villages and have a few pieces I picked up over the years.  Unfortunately, this is one of the décor projects that always fell victim to my lack of energy.  This year, I started early and found a wonderful project to create a starry background for my little town!  I can't take credit for this project, so I will share the link at the end of my post!  It was SO easy and CHEAP!  Gotta love that!  I found everything at my local box store!  And it just adds so much to my village!  Now if I can just find the ceramic bank that was a gift...  :-( 
I cleaned off the hutch and layered some Buffalo Snow.  And underneath you will find nearly every small flat plastic container I own!  I wanted to elevate the Silo and Tree Farm (in the middle) so they are on top of my plastic containers.  No leftovers allowed for us for a while!  I don't have anywhere to store them!  :-) 
So here's the grand tour of Ulrich land... 

If you look closely you will find a tiny nativity in front of the church.  I found a Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus set at a Michaels' store (50 percent off) and added it to the outside of my church.  

And here you can see how I elevated the silo.  The background is made out of LED lights, black foam board and black tulle.  I have listed the link below so you can create one too!  

This farm is the very first piece I owned!  My parents bought this for me when I married and left home nearly 20 years ago!  They wanted me to remember my roots!  The cows are Holsteins.  And since I grew up on a dairy farm that makes it even more special!  I only had 2 Christmas' with my Dad after this gift...  Naturally, I treasure it!  
I hope to find a few more buildings to add to my collection after Christmas this year.  In the meantime, I plan on picking up an oval mirror on my next trip into Hobby Lobby and add it in front of the horse.  (I think the chickens need a watering hole...)  I plan on placing a few cotton balls around the edge to create a snowy pond!  So what do you think? 
Thanks for stopping in!  I hope you enjoyed a peek at my décor and I hope it might inspire you to pull out some of those forgotten treasures! 
And here's the link on how to create the starry background... 


Susan Lankford said...

Lori….this is so charming and personal….just love it and thanks for sharing it!

JoAnn said...

How sweet. Love the tiny nativity and all the great details of your little village. Thanks for sharing.

Romayne said...

Absolutely LOVE this - type of thing I'd have made myself a decade ago before arthritis killed my capacity to do so :(. Beautiful production - look forward to seeing additions in future years Blessings. x

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