Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why use the handle SaintsRule!?

SaintsRule! is a handle I use on several messageboards. As I alluded to in one of my initial posts I love St. Bernards. Morgan (the puppy picture at the top left hand side of my blog) is one of them. I decided to give you a sneak peek every so often into what the other Saints are doing! Crafting is cool but so is showing off your kids. They are just like kids to me! Hope you enjoy. First off I will start with the male of our brood, affectionately called Ike... or short for Dwight David Ikelfluffer. And yes, I name my pets after historical figures, sites, etc... must be the Social Studies teacher coming out in me! :)


jcscraphappy said...

i love saints!!!!!!! we had one when i was younger he was awesome!!

Cheryl said...

He his very handsome, very presidential looking.

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