Friday, April 8, 2016

"Pin!" You're it!

Sometimes you find something that just makes you happy!  And I must admit, being organized makes me SO HAPPY!  Recently, I took on the task of cleaning and reorganizing my craft room.  (Can you say, CRAZY???)  This particular room also serves as a spare bedroom so every spare inch must function.  For more years than I can count, my Cricut cartridge boxes have stood sentinel on a spare bookcase, neatly alphabetized and ready for use.  But slowly, I have come to the conclusion, I don't want to see these things each and every day!  I really want to put books back on the bookshelf!  SO...  with that in mind, I did what every person without a clue does...  I went to Pinterest!  And I found several crafters who use a very ordinary kitchen item to help organize their cartridges in a small space.  Here's my interpretation...  just call it ice, ice, baby...

Yes, plain ordinary 14 cube ice cube trays!!!!  Now several of the Pins I looked at used a larger ice cube tray that fits more and can be a bit pricey.  Granted they are very nice white trays but I wasn't too hung up on them matching the cube.  I found these opaque trays at a local box store and paid $2.19 before taxes for a 2 pack.  As you can see three fit nicely side by side in a Recollections three drawer cube!  And as for the books and overlays?  Well, Pinterest tells me I can alphabetize those nicely in photo boxes.  So I'm figuring 1 box for each shelf...  Hopefully I can post more photos on that later!  Here's the entire cube iced up!

And now my cartridges are stored neatly under my Cricut!  And no more boxes!  YIPEE!!! 
***Now I have to figure out where to store those bad boys!*** 

SO here's the best part...  

6 Ice Cube Trays @ $2.19 each = $13.14 before tax 
(and because I accumulate points at this retailer, I was able to trade in points and get 
***drumroll please*** $10 off the transaction!!!!  

So total cost for the trays was $3.14 before tax!

The photo boxes are on sale right now at a local craft store for $2.00 EACH!!!

So this little project not counting the cube...  cost $9.14!!!!!

Do you see me dancing???  Yep, I know!!!  It's not safe for the children to be around.  They may be scarred for life!  lol  

Thanks for stopping in today!  I will be back soon with more projects AND hopefully more organizational projects!


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